Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our Bukit Tinggi Trip

Yesterday (Correction- About a month ago; Reason: I dilly-dallied and therefore this entry is late by so many weeks.) was me and Yi-Shen's first anniversary as couples. He kinda surprised me by taking me to Bukit Tinggi for a night stay. It was certainly an enjoyable trip for us, the room had a big balcony which I kinda liked.

He brought along both his SLR and video camera and I was incharge of the video cam. So, having to remind him again and again not to take candid shots of me...

Alright, very luckily, these 2 turned out good. I like them alot. There are a few that's not nice. but I've decided not to show them here coz it'll be a waste of space. And, no one would be interested anyway.

It was only 2 of us, he had the camera, so obviously I'm in 90% of the pictures. =D Which is what I like! ahah~ This black swan here is a must-take-photo-with when you are at Bukit Tinggi. Whenever someone says they've been to Bukit Tinggi, you'll definitely get to see this picture of theirs!

This is a place called Japanese Tea Garden. It had a very relaxing atmosphere, with a pathway for you to walk on. We enjoyed it very much! But to get there, we had to walk up a very stiff hill. Boy that was tiring! We saw a car pass by us half hill!! We did not know that we could actually drive up. However, it was rather nice walking up, can paktoh mah... hahah!

Look at these fat fishes! It was beautiful! Plus, it was very nice seeing them practically fighting for their food, trying hard to eat more. By the way, in the pond where the well-known black beauties lived, there were delicious looking fat fishes as well. And they were swimming in a big circle, going round and round and round and round. Does anyone here knows why? Is it because it was going to rain? kakaka...

You know 'bout taking photos on your own? With digital cameras that are so small and light nowadays, it's rather easy and common to take a snap shot of your own. BUT, what 'bout taking it with a heavy SLR analogue cam? heheh... I don't think everyone is capable of doing that! But I can!! Haiya, only 2 of us went, so it was troublesome to ask people around to help take a picture of both of us. So, I wanted to try taking it on my own, and succeeded. Although it's a bit blurred la... but still acceptable lah.

To conclude, I enjoyed myself very much.

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